By: MPDC Edipolo A. Mosquito, Jr.

The Agencia Española de Cooperacion International para el Desarollo (AECID) in partnership with “ Intercambio y Solidaridad” (InteRed- a Spanish NGO) has provided financial and technical assistance to REACH Foundation, Inc. as the local partner NGO for the implementation of an integrated development intervention referred as Convenio “ Integral and sustainable development of rural communities in Bicol and Caraga, with special focus on women, promoting the articulation and strengthening of the productive and social structures, through community participation. Philippines” (07-co-1-031).

The above mentioned organizations and in partnership with the local stakeholders are interested in consolidating a relationship of cooperation through the execution of the Convenio, in order to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions and the reduction of the impact of poverty on men, women and children in selected communities of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte.

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In this regard, Brgys. Camp Eduard and Budlingin of the Municipality of Alegria, Surigao del Norte are one of the local communities identified in Caraga Region to be recipient in this program. Through REACH Foundation, Inc., the following project components shall be implemented to these two barangays that started August, 2008 and is expected to end on April, 2012:

1. Community Organizing and Local Governance- One transversal component in every action of the Convenio is to encourage the community’s involvement, so they will become active participants in their own development, as well as the commitment and collaboration of the Local Government Unit, since they are the ultimate entity responsible of the social services that will be promoted throughout the Convenio.

Expected result would be that, the social infrastructures have been strengthened and its participation in local governance enhanced through their trainings and mobilization, and assistance of the LGU.

2. Productivity Systems Development- Offer the possibility to the communities to enhance their income generation capacity in order to improve their economic, health and educational situation. With this approach, it is expected to improve the agricultural and livestock production systems through four axes.

Expected result would be that these 2 communities have improved their production processes and their capacity to generate income, through the training, technical assistance and financial support in their production, post-production and marketing.

3. Ecological Nurturance- Sensitize the communities and local governments in Caraga to make them aware of the importance of a rational use of the natural resources, so that they take measures for the conservation and ecological rehabilitation of their rural environments.

Expected result would be contribution on the preservation of the ecosystems in 2 covered communities through environmental awareness, community mobilization and actions of ecological conservation and rehabilitation.

4. Education- Improve the conditions of the education system through the involvement of the educational community and local authorities, teacher’s capacitation and provision of educational equipment.

Expected result would be contribution in the improvement of education conditions in the 2 communities through involvement of the educational community and local authorities, the training of teachers and the provision of education infrastructures and materials.

5. Health- Improve the conditions of the health sector through the commitment of the local authorities and people’s organizations, training in primary health services, training of community health workers and supplemental feeding.

Expected result would be contribution in the improvement of the health conditions in the 2 communities through the commitment of the LGU and PO’s, the training in basic health care and barangay health workers and the provision of adequate sanitary and health infrastructures and equipment.

As of the 1st quarter of 2010, the Convenio program have established health infrastructures and equipment in Barangay Budlingin and by the last quarter of 2010, said infrastructures would soon be constructed in Barangay Camp Eduard as officially informed by REACH Foundation, Inc. to the Local Government Unit of Alegria who also will provide an equity to the project.

In the same related development, the Convenio Program through REACH Foundation, Inc. distributed school supplies and instructional materials to the school children of Budlingin and Camp Eduard Elementary Schools last July 5, 2010 in the presence of DepEd District Supervisor Mrs. Rosario P. Benitez, Brgys. Captain Jojie Salgarino of Camp Eduard and Alexander Pa-as of Budlingin, School Principals and teaching staff of both schools, barangay officials, parents and Reach Foundation, Inc. Executive Director Araceli T. Napalan and its Project Team Members.

Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. on his part lauded the Convenio of the great contribution towards the development of these barangays. And he added, to forge further his commitment on the future interventions of Convenio that still to be implemented up to year 2012 in other components of the program.


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