June 12, 2010 112th Philippine Independence Day Celebration

The Local Government Unit of Alegria, Surigao del Norte joined the whole country in the 112th Philippine Independence Day Celebration with the theme: “Kalayaan, Tagumpay Ng Bayan”. Honoring and flag raising of the Philippine flag was actively participated by Barangay Officials, Municipal Officials and Employees, National Government Agencies, NGO’s & PO’s, Greenstone and the general public.

The activity started at 7:00 am and immediately after the ceremonies, tree planting activities were done at the Farm to Market Road of Poblacion to Lake Mainit and likewise, to the Farm to Market Road of Alipao to Lake Mainit, the same persons who attended the flag raising ceremony.

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June 13, 2010 Sports game Competition (whole day)

The 1st invitational tennis tournament held at Alegria Tennis Court were played between Surigao and Butuan Tennis Clubs. It was an open tennis exhibition of two competing tennis club without any prizes at stake but was considered as a friendship game to display their talents and skills in this kind of sports.

In the women’s volleyball competition: Alegria Municipal Employees Team, Mainit Municipal Employees Team and DepEd Alegria District Team participated in the said tournament.

The winners of the game were the following:

1st prize of P2,000.00 went to Alegria Municipal Employees Team

2nd prize of P1,500.00 was taken by Mainit Municipal Employees Team

3rd prize of P1,000.00 went to DepEd Alegria District Team

In the evening, grand finals in videoke singing and hip-hop dance contests were made. A huge crowd witnessed the said affair where talents of Alegriahanons were shown.

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June 14, 2010 Whole day activities

Morning Activity:

In the inter-barangay basketball competition, the 12 barangays of Alegria were being clustered in 4 teams and another team from the Local PNP of Alegria joined the tournament. Clustered barangays were the following:

Team 1- Ouano/Gamuton/San Juan

Team 2- San Pedro/Ombong/Ferlda

Team 3- Alipao/Anahaw/Budlingin

Team 4- Pongtud/Poblacion/Camp Eduard

Team 5- PNP Alegria

Afternoon Activity:

In the afternoon, there was an exhibition game of basketball women. It was played by LGU Women Team versus the United Women’s of Alegria Consumers Cooperative (UWACOCO Team). UWACOCO won the exhibition game.

In the same day, the photo contest final exhibit of Alegria sceneries were being judged. There were 15 photo exhibit entries of which only 3 photo exhibits were being selected as among the best of the pictures displayed. Best pictures were the sunset of Lake Mainit and that of Lumondo Waterfalls.

In the evening, the Talent Night for Mutya Nan Alegria 2010 was presented. The contest proper were participated in by the following candidates:

1. Miss Ombong          – Jedalyn Cayetona

2. Miss Gamuton         – Tracy Idea

3. Miss San Pedro       – Aiza Edillo

4. Miss Budlingin        – Jessa Mamado

5. Miss Anahaw           – Hazel Ellar

6. Miss Ferlda             – Jomarie Laurena

7. Miss Alipao             – Jackie Entuna

8. Miss Poblacion        – Rosa Roxanne Antonio

9. Miss Julio Ouano     – Rosemin Caumpay

10. Miss Pongtud        – Mary Jane Ocon

11. Miss San Juan        – Marivic Dayondon

The Mutya Nan Alegria Talent Night was sponsored by Starjed Micro Financing Corporation.

After the presentation of the Talent Night by Mutya Candidates, it was followed immediately by the Battle of Band. 4 band groups registered in the said contest.

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June 15, 2010             42nd Adlaw Nan Alegria

Morning Activities:

A parade was made in commemoration of the 42nd Adlaw Nan Alegria. Order of the parade was properly executed:

1. PNP & BFP Marshalls

2. Motorcade

3. Colors & Banners

4. ANHS Drum & Lyre

5. Brgy. Officials, SK, BPLK, BNS, Day Care Workers

6. Municipal Officials, National and Local Employees

7. DepEd Faculty & Staff (Elementary & High School)

8. Senior Citizens

9. Float candidates for Mutya Nan Alegria 2010

10. General public

11. LGU Band

After the parade, it was followed by a program. Presentation to the crowd of Mutya Nan Alegria 2010 candidates was introduced by Hon. SB Member Suzeth Z. Dagcuta along with Brgy. Captains followed by the message of Hon. Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. of which he was very thankful to the cooperation and support to all sectors during this araw celebration.

During the program, the Local Government Unit of Alegria honored the oldest living public school teacher in the person of Mrs. Martha O. Adlawan, oldest living public official in the person of Ex-Brgy. Captain Eleuterio Pongcol. Other honored private individuals who actively involved in the development efforts of what is Alegria today were Engr. Pontius Gogo, Engr. Cipriano Vicente, SNPIDA Chairman, Incumbent SB Member, Hon. Reynaldo B. Ranay and Engr. Hermito O. Adlawan.

All of the 6 honored persons received plaque of appreciation from Hon. Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. while municipal officials, barangay officials and DepEd personnel witnessed the ceremony.

Right after the program, championship games on basketball were played. Among the winners were the following:

Basketball Champions:

1st prize of P10,000.00 was taken by Team 1 (Ouano, Gamuton & San Juan)

2nd prize of P5,000.00 went to Team 3 (Alipao, Anahaw & Budlingin)

3rd prize of P3,000.00 went to Team 2 (San Pedro, Ombong & Ferlda)

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Afternoon Activities

The 3rd State of the Municipality Address 2010 (SOMA) was delivered by Hon. Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. attended by Barangay Officials, Municipal Officials and Employees, NGOs/Pos, academe and the general public. It was followed by an Oath Taking Ceremony of the newly elected and re-elected Municipal Officials administered by Hon, Judge Rolando T. Literato, MCTC Judge of Tubod-Alegria in the presence of invited guests, Governor Elect Sol F. Matugas and Vice-Governor Elect Carlos Egay, Jr. of Surigao del Norte.

Announcement of 5 mutya finalists:

Miss Ouano                 – Rosemin Caumpay

Miss Anahaw               – Hazel Ellar

Miss Alipao                 – Jackielyn Entuna

Miss Pongtud              – Mary Jane Ocon

Miss San Juan              – Marivic Dayondon

Mutya Nan Alegria 2010 winners:

CROWNED MUTYA NAN ALEGRIA 2010 – Miss San Juan, Marivic Dayondon

1st Runner-Up             Miss Anahaw, Hazel Ellar

2nd Runner-Up             Miss Alipao, Jackielyn Entuna

3rd Runner- Up                        Miss Ouano, Rosemin Caumpay

4th Runner- Up             Miss Pongtud, Mary Jane Ocon

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June 16, 2010 – Awarding of Winners and Grand Disco

1.         1st Invitational Open Chess Tournament- Engr. Reneboy G. Esma Cup 2010

Champion        – Surigao Team     P3,000.00

2nd place          – Butuan Team                  P1,500.00

3rd place          – Alegria Team      P   500.00

2.         Volleyball Women

Champion        – LGU Alegria

2nd place          – LGU Mainit

3rd place          – DepEd Alegria District

3.         Hip-Hop Dance Contest- Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ugay Mendoza

Champion        – Tubod Pandemic Crew

2nd place          – Mainit Crew

3rd place          – Alegria Hip-hop Crew

4.         Videoke Challenge- Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Dario/Honeylette Ugay-Timcang

Champion        – Vemar Febrero

2nd place          – Kerwin Ong

3rd place          – Glenda Salino

5.         Battle of the Band- Donors: Engr. Reneboy Esma, Mr. Edwin Butiong &

Ms. Sherill Ugay-Timcang

Champion        – Conqueror Band

2nd place          – Drumstick Band

3rd place          – Kasili Band

6.         Photo Contest

1st prize- Contestant # 9 featuring scenic spot of “ Rainbow on Water Lilies”

Photo taken by: Julius Sayawan

2nd prize- Contestant # 12 featuring scenic spot of “ A fisherman’s sunset of

Mainit Lake at Poblacion Fish Port, Poblacion, Alegria, Surigao del


3rd prize-  Contestant #7 featuring scenic spot of “ Blazing Skies on a Cool

Afternoon at Sinaygan, San Pedro, Alegria, Surigao del Norte

Photo taken by: Anina Abarico

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June 17, 2010 – Fellowship and Thanksgiving Party hosted by LGU Alegria in favor to Donors and Benefactors of the concluded 42nd Araw Nan Alegria 2010


We sincerely express our deepest gratitude to our Almighty Father, Jesus Christ and thanks to the donors and sponsors, to our local officials, national agencies and friends for the continued support, and to all Alegriahanons who in one way or another have been  instrumental in our triumph. We share with you all the joys knowing we have made it.

Thank very much.

Steering Committee

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