About Alegria

Alegria’s Creation

The Municipality of Alegria was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 5239, AN ACT CREATING THE MUNICIPALITY OF ALEGRIA IN THE PROVINCE OF SURIGAO DEL NORTE on June 15, 1968

History of Alegria

Alegria was originally known as Sitio Anahaw founded by Pablo Ugay, Ciriaco Efren, Vicente Ugay, Agripino Murcilla, Pio Odvina, Bernardo Orquina, Fermin Odchimar who among others migrated from the Municipality of Bacuag, Surigao del Norte. Because of her location, near Lake Mainit, it was always over- flooded during rainy season prompting the people to transfer to a safer place now known as Poblacion Alegria.

Alegria Official SealThe name Alegria was derived from the Spanish word “Alegre” which means lively.

People and Culture

Most inhabitants of the locality is of Surigaonon origin. Second is of Cebuano origin followed by Boholano origin and other tribes of origin which is already very minimal.

The Municipality celebrates the Kabibo Festival which is one of the annual month-long festivity starting May to June of every year.