Concrete Line Canal Constructed At Barangay Julio Ouano

By: Edipolo A. Mosquito, Jr.

            Under the leadership of ABC President, Hon. Ferdinand L. Angob,Concrete line canal project Barangay Captain of Julio Ouano with the full support of his Barangay Officials and constituents constructed recently the 528 linear meters of concrete line canal situated at Sitio Happiness from its barangay development fund in the amount of Php170,000.00 with counterpart fund from the 20% municipal development fund of LGU Alegria in the form of construction materials amounted to Php80,000.00 through the approval of Hon. Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. and another counterpart fund of Congressman Romarate in the amount of Php30,000.00. The total project cost after its completion amounted all in all to Php280,000.00.

            The rationale behind the construction of this concrete canal is to solve the perennial problem of street flooding in the area during the months of December and January. By now, the completed line canal would ease the problem of water run- off in the area that will protect the street from any form of destruction caused by over flooding.

            In another development, Barangay Julio Ouano is undergoing rehabilitation works of its local water system with fund assistance from Congressman Guillermo A. Romarate in the amount of Php200,000.00 with Php15,000.00 barangay fund counterpart  to complete the repair and upgrading of its water line system. According to the Barangay Captain, the status of the project has a completion rate of 80% as of October 14, 2009 and is expected to be completed within this month.

Barangay Captain Angob said, he is very thankful to Mayor Esma and Congressman Romarate of extending their assistance to his barangay.

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