Annual Fiesta and Foundation Day of Alegria 2009 Activities

April and May 2009

April 17-June 13

Video Challenge and Hip-hop Dance Contest




April 30

Best Decorated Streets Contest 1st Evaluate




May 8

First and last canvassing Mrs. Alegria (1:00 P.M)




May 11, 12, 13

Open Basketball Tournament




May 13

OPENING PARADE (Float for Mrs. & Ms. Alegria, Basketball Team, Municipal and Barangay Officials and Employees,


2nd ANHS Grand Alumni Homecoming




May 14 (day)



Basketball Exhibition Game (Midget vs. Gay)




May 14 (night)



Balikbayan, Business and Religious Sectors Night




May 15 (day)

Fiesta Celebration Mass


Fun Games




May 15 (night)

Mrs. Alegria Coronation Night/ Disco




May 17

Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament Opening




June 2009

June 11

Special Video-K challenge- Municipal Officials, Punong Barangays, Heads of Office, School Administrators


KABIBO Festival




June 12

Battle of the Band/ Disco




June 13

Video-K Challenge and Hip Hop Dance Contest Grand Finals




June 13-14

Medical Mission sponsored by National Rotary Club, CFC, LGU




June 13-15





June 15 (day)

Job Fair


State of the Municipal Address

June 15 (night)

Miss Alegria Pageant and Coronation / Disco