Barangay Ferlda Profile

Geographical location

Barangay Ferlda is located at municipality of Alegria comprising two sitio’s namely Sitio Cutom and Sitio Bay-ang. It is bounded in the east by Barangay Mahanob, Municipality of Gigaquit; south Barangay Hinimbangan, Municipality of Kitcharao; north by Barangay Camp Eduard, Municipality of Alegria; and west by Barangay Buya, Municipality of Claver.  Geographically, Barangay Ferlda is accessible by land travel through habalhabal or any single vehicle which is 20 kilometers from the municipality.

Brief Profile

Terrain : 60m-1000m above sea level
Land Area : 1,340 hectares
Land utilization : Agricultural lands 20%
: Forest land  50%
: Residential land  15%
: Grassland 15%
Total population : 594
No. Of household :128