Together with municipal officials and employees, Honorable Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. enjoyed the simple yet memorable celebration during his 54th birthday on April 19, 2010 courtesy of LGU officials and employees. Everybody greeted him with smiles, hope for better life, more blessings, as  good father, as good servant being the chief executive of the town and foremost, wished him that the almighty god always provide good health and divine protection in all his undertakings. Because of his fine leadership, it was the local offices who prepared everything in a surprise manner through personal contributions. A gesture of thanks and gratitude to the beloved Mayor due to his tremendous achievements, ever to happened for the past 20 years, surpassing his  predecessors.

At 6:00 pm of the same day, he invited all his friends including the local officials and employees to join him together with his family in celebrating his birthday. This time, food and beverages were served to his invited guests. The birthday party ended till midnight with full of joy and excitement since the celebrant mayor offered a “disco party” accompanied by a live band.

Mayor Esma sincerely expressed his thanks to his family especially his wife Teling, friends and co-workers in government service of their trust and support to his administration.

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