Welcome to Alegria!

Alegria is a 5th class municipality. It is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Mainit and Tubod, on the east by the municipality of Bacuag, on the west by Lake Mainit and on the south by the municipality of Kitcharao. It has a total population of 13,522 as of 2006 and is projected to reach to 20,500 by year 2010. Alegria is composed of 12 barangays, 5 of which are considered urban areas because of high population density compared to other barangays, largely influence by the presence of good roads, power lines, commercial and industrial establishments. The municipality has a total land area of 6,670 hectares. The largest portion is devoted to agriculture with another sizeable area into commercial tree plantation and as forest reserves.

The municipality has twelve (12) key officials that includes the Local Chief Executive, the Vice-Mayor, Eight (8) SB Members with two (2) ex-officio members. Under the executive department, eleven (11) offices is under the direct supervision and control of the Office of the Chief Executive, namely: the HRMO Office, Municipal Budget Office, Municipal Treasurer’s Office, Municipal Accounting Office, Municipal Assessor’s Office, Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, Municipal Planning and Development Office, Municipal Agriculture Office, Municipal Engineering Office and the Municipal Health Office. The Office of the Sangguniang Bayan is composed of 11 members: 8 regular members elected, 2 ex-officio and the vice-mayor himself. It has two office staff; the SB Secretary and the SB Clerk.
(Source:Executive Legislative Agenda 2007)